March 8, 2010

Weekend Pairings - Sweetness & The Month After February

I'm living for the weekends lately, running through the weeks and then collapsing into Saturday.
This one was sweet.
Flowers, sunshine, a walk in the park, some restful reading, and breakfast at Cafe Besalu--my favorite things.

March isn't my favorite month. In fact, it's my least. This time of year winter is finally starting to get me down, but it's not quite Springtime yet. And after golden sun and temperatures in the 50's last week, there's record-breaking colds and snow on the forecast for this one? To try and combat my case of March Madness (or weariness, more like), this week I'll be posting some of the photos I've taken of the warm and lovely bits of the month so far. So March? We're in this together--let's try to get along.

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  1. March is one of my least favorite months too. The only good thing about it is my birthday.