July 1, 2010

More than strawberries
more than corn-on-the-cob
more even than cantaloupe
nectarines taste like summer to me.

When I was little, I'd eat 3 or 4 a day in the summer months.
I was very particular--it was nectarines I wanted, not just peaches.

When I bite into one now, it is like I see all the summers I've ever experienced pass before my eyes.


This song by Jesca Hoop seems quietly summery to me as well. Perhaps it's time to make a Summertime playlist?


  1. It looks very yummie but I never buy it..strange of me don´t you think? Its good to have some special food...

  2. I still prefer nectarines to peaches. Yummy post. :)

  3. for me, summertime = clementines, and clementines = summertime.


    LOVE the last shot :)

    xo Alison