November 29, 2012

This has been the longest break between posts
since I began Folkloric
4.5 (!) years ago.

Some recent health issues have kept me from
doing much photography lately,
deeply personal wedding schemes
have taken my extra energy and inspiration,
and a general re-assessment of
what I do here
and why I do it
has kept me from this space.

I want Folkloric to be
a potent blend of words and images,
not just a stream of photographs
or something churned out quickly.
I want it to be a thing
with weight,

I've tended this spot on the internet
for quite a while now,
but I don't think I'm yet ready
to give it up.

Hopefully it can grow some fresh things
in the New Year.

Until then,
I wish the happiest of Holidays to all,
and thank you, as always, for following,
near and far.