July 31, 2009

Heading to Mt. Rainier

I'm headed off soon for a weekend trip to Mt. Rainier with my family. Last year, the snows had hardly melted at all, and there were almost no wildflowers. Though we've had some unbearably hot days this week (with record-breaking highs!) and a little cooling snow would be nice, I'm hoping that this year the snow has melted enough to see some mountain blossoms. And I am so happy--the fact that we secured our apartment yesterday means that I can go on this vacation with a thankful and more settled state of mind. Hooray!

July 30, 2009

New Neighborhood: Ballard!

I am so excited. After running around town and viewing a bunch of places the past couple of weeks, we finally found an apartment! In mid-August the boy and I will be moving to Ballard! The bonus part of it is that the general living room/kitchen area is extremely large--so large, in fact, that there is an extra "nook" that will be the perfect spot for me to set up a little home studio space.

July 28, 2009

Farmers Market

I love my neighborhood farmers market. Sometimes the world feels like such a corporate, impersonal place, but then Saturday rolls around and I get to wander the market and see stand after stand of lovely homegrown and handmade goods produced by people who seem passionate about what they are selling. No matter what else I buy there, I always save $5 for a kitchen table bouquet.

Since we are moving soon, it will be fun to explore the farmers market in my new neighborhood.

July 27, 2009

Jim Henson's Fantastic World

As part of the boy's birthday present I got two tickets for him and I to see the EMP/SFM, along with the current exhibit on display there, Jim Henson's Fantastic World. While EMP was less than satisfying (how can you have an exhibit on the history of American music and rock & roll without once mentioning Bob Dylan?), the Science Fiction Museum was cool for nerds like us, and the Muppet exhibit, while not huge, was very sweet. Some of the little-seen, early muppet shorts were hilarious, and it was impressive to see examples of the wide range of Jim Henson's creativity gathered together into one place. What an amazing man he was!

The show runs until August 16th.

Summer In The City

Had a (much needed) relaxing weekend, complete with a trip to the neighborhood Farmers Market, some shopping downtown, and a bout of meandering in the hot sun around Fremont and the Sunday Flea Market. We finished off with some red currant ice cream at Molly Moon's and a pizza back at the apartment decorated with home-grown basil and sun-warmed cherry tomatoes. A summery two days indeed!

July 25, 2009

Movie Night

Saw (500) Days of Summer the other night, and, as its title would suggest, it was a perfect summer movie: light and lovely. Though the "adorably indie" factor was almost too high to stand (the insane cuteness of Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Miss Deschanel along with the hipster soundtrack that featured two different songs by Regina Spektor was so sweet that my teeth almost hurt), overall it was a fun ode to love that was a nice change from the more typical romantic-comedy movies that have been coming to the theaters lately.

July 24, 2009

Something New

Welcome to Folkloric! This blog will be my little space to ramble about the things that inspire me (art, music, design and cooking, among other things) along with my attempts to live in the moment and take each day as it comes. As a recent college graduate who will be simultaneously apartment and job hunting in the next few months, there will likely be a lot of material for both intentions.