January 28, 2015

After living
in the same apartment
for 5 years
I am slowly getting used to
how the light falls,
and when,
in this house of ours.

As the seasons change,
and thus the light changes,
everything is new.

January 26, 2015

Wintry scenes
from a weekend across the mountains.

January 22, 2015

I could drink tea
and watch out the window
all day.

In the quiet,
with the house to myself,
I am content to sit here for hours.

January 20, 2015


A lot of things fell by the wayside
in 2014.

It was an intense year,
full of bounty,
but also
a good amount of struggle.

One of the things that was lost
in all the intensity
was my film photography practice.
I told myself
that I didn't have time for it
and in a lot of ways,
I didn't.
At the time,
that was ok.

at the beginning of a fresh year,
I am taking stock, as I always do:
of what worked for me last year
and what didn't,
things I want to continue,
and things I'd like to let go of.
One of the things that surfaced,
and which surprised me a little
with it's urgency,
was that I would
very much
like to get back
to regularly shooting film.

to start the year off,
I shot a roll.

I was amazed at how much joy it brought me.

Not because the resulting photographs
were particularly note-worthy,
but because I had forgotten
how it felt
to look at things
with an eye for a photograph,
to hold the camera to my face
and measure the light,
to work in some small partnership
with the world around me,

I know that not many people
are reading blogs anymore
these days,
but I realized that the habit
of taking photos
and displaying them here
is more for me
than anyone else.

For those few readers still out there,
Folkloric will continue to be the space
where I share
the pictures I take,
the art I make,
and the things that are inspiring me.