August 18, 2014

Another blooming letter!

This one is composed of flowers
that brought me back
to the beloved childhood garden
that I visited every summer
in North Carolina
at my grandparents' house.

August 11, 2014

This summer.

Words have been failing me a bit.

This summer has been
so full of beauty,
and my heart has overflowed
with gratitude and thankfulness.
Stress, fear, and wait
paired with joy, hope and excitement:
it's been a summer of intensity,
an all-out sprint.
I feel out of time,
these days,
in transition--
swirling memories from the past
are tangibly muddled together
with dreams for the future,
even as I try to be centered
around each present moment.
All of my senses are heightened.
It's almost too much,
but I wouldn't change anything.