April 16, 2013

This is a
Springtime mix of songs
that I have been listening to
almost without pause
for the past month or so.

I thought I'd share it here,
because to me
it seems
to perfectly suit
the season.

Blush, Cerulean, & Pearl - April 2013
+ Been So Long - Vetiver
+Starving Robins - Horse Feathers
+Springtime Can Kill You - Jolie Holland
+Here Comes The Sun - The Beatles
+Spring Song - Laura Veirs
+April Comes She Will - Simon & Garfunkle
+Sunny Road - EmilĂ­ana Torrini
+Milk-Heavy, Pollen-Eyed - Laura Gibson
+A Heart Divided - Holly Throsby
+Towards The Sun - Alexi Murdoch
+Haze - Essie Jain
+Pretty Fair Damsel - Samamidon
+Love Is Not Like Roses- Cocos Lovers
+Snow Is Gone - Josh Ritter


April 10, 2013

I've started running again,
like last year at this time,
up and down the quiet side-streets
near my home.

I've run beneath arched tunnelways of
cherry blossoms,
their flowers drifting around me,
not like snow,
but like the petals that they are,
luminous in their pale pink.

I've heard a bird sing
and I noticed it as if
I had never heard a bird sing before,
awake and excited,
the both of us.

I've watched the daffodils
announce themselves and the season,
gleaming gold,
then fading over the weeks
to ochre,

I've seen the tulips begin to appear,
their rainbow shades
as bright on days when
the shadowy sky hovers,
rich with rain,
as on days of sun.

I am getting married
a month.


(I've felt no desire to share
my wedding planning here,
and that planning
has fairly consumed me
these past several months.
It has been an enjoyable
and inspiring
much more so
than I ever imagined it would be,
to be honest.)

And as I run my paths,
and watch and listen,
and note the changes,
and marvel at the Spring,
unfurling each day,
I think about how
we will be marrying
at the height of this season
of blooms,
and growth,
and life.