December 21, 2011

On this December 21st
I wish you
light in the darkness,
& joy.

I wish you
an early
Merry Christmas,
& a glorious New Year.

See you in 2012!


December 19, 2011



December 15, 2011

As we near
the shortest day
of the year
I think again
on how much I love
celebrating with light:
adorning my home
with glowing brightness
(inside and out)
as the light in the world
reaches its palest point.

It occurs to me
this year
that it's not to combat the darkness
but to turn it
into something
to give it
a quality
like shadowed velvet
that is the necessary contrast
to our December illumination.


December 14, 2011



December 13, 2011

A different home
than the apartment I share
with the boy and our cat,
but so completely home
just the same.

Truly, it will be home forever.


"Through the years
We all will be together

If the fates allow"


December 12, 2011

Anyone who knows me well
will know how much I go on about
the glorious shades of purple
in the Winter landscape.
On walks in the cold months
I am always exclaiming
over my beloved "winter purple"
as I love finding this rich color
in what can
at first
seem to be
a colorless landscape.

So far this year,
it is an early
"winter red"
that I am seeing everywhere
and I am quite enjoying
this newly recognized addition
to Winter's regal palette.


December 5, 2011

The end of the harvest season,
the start of the holiday season.


The Weather Station - Everything I Saw


December 1, 2011

From one of our last Autumn walks.

I think it is safe to say
that the world here
has made the switch now
to Winter.

Thank you, November.


And thank you all for the birthday wishes!
I had such a lovely one.