August 27, 2009

Cakes & Camera Cords

Wooh, back from the coast and mostly moved into the new apartment! I'm already in love with the new place and the trip was very nice--as soon as I find my camera cord (which has been tragically misplaced in the craziness of the move) I will be uploading photos. The infamous grey skies/never ending rain/oppressive clouds trifecta that the LaPush area has sadly become known for (thanks Twilight) gave us a break and we had good weather, though the surf was so high for most of the trip that we barely had room to walk along the beach!
Also, I forgot to mention that a couple of weeks ago I was lucky enough to win Alyson's book giveaway and am now the happy owner of Sarah Magid's Organic and Chic: Cakes, Cookies, and Other Sweets that Taste as Good as They Look. I haven't baked anything from it yet but perhaps I'll christen my new kitchen this weekend by trying to make one of the gorgeous-looking cakes. Thanks, Alyson!

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