March 14, 2012

The tree cover
was so thick
above our heads
that we only felt
the rain coming down
when we hiked high enough
to reach the thinning,
and we found snow there
and a dip in temperature
that brought us back down the mountain.



  1. looks like a beautiful spot for a hike, and to see spring poking out here and there.

  2. your photos are amazing.
    where is this lovely wonderland?

  3. @Becca: Thank you! These are from a hike of Wallace Falls, about an hour and a half outside of Seattle.

  4. how wonderful to be so connected. your photos speak to me, always.

  5. you capture the northwest perfectly. i just to moved to portland recently, but i'm so much more in love with the nature rather than the city.

  6. You bring the forest to me in the city :) Lovely as always, especially the photo in the middle.