April 5, 2012

As the light returns,
so do my whales.
I take so few photographs
of them in the Winter,
I realize.
Perhaps they hibernate,
like bears in their caves,
because I think, truly
that their favorite thing to swim through
is sunlight from my window.


I am very pleased to say
that I have a Guest Curator post
over on the Etsy Blog!
I had a lot of fun
choosing which pieces to include.



  1. loved reading your post on etsy! great job!

  2. i love this. great etsy post, too. whales swimming in sunlight? i think yes.

  3. great post over on etsy - love the art you collected for it. and that is a wonderful image - whales swimming in sunlight.

  4. swimming in the light... ah, this is what we should all aspire to it seems. yes.

  5. I found your blog from the etsy website, and I really love your photos! They are all so beautiful!