October 18, 2012

I wanted to finish sharing these,
the last of the Summertime photos.

This Summer
was a busy one,
an emotional one,
an up-and-down one,
(a very down and then very up one!),
a sunny one,
a questioning one,
a joyous one,
a difficult one,
and in the end,
a good one.

Here in Seattle,
the seasons have made
the emphatic switch
to Autumn.


  1. We had similar summers, it sounds like. Somehow nice to share that, even as a stranger from a great distance... Isn't fall a relief, routine and calm after such riot.

  2. I'm so glad you shared these and glad to hear that Summer ended on a good note.

  3. this light, so amazing. thank you!

  4. That pool of water looks so calming and peaceful. Just what my eyes need to look at right now. Stunning image with such a beautiful solar flare!

  5. Wonderful trees you saw on your way.

    First winter greetings from Finland!

  6. Stunning images, they make me want to escape into the wilderness.

  7. That water is beautiful! Lovely snapshots!