April 10, 2013

I've started running again,
like last year at this time,
up and down the quiet side-streets
near my home.

I've run beneath arched tunnelways of
cherry blossoms,
their flowers drifting around me,
not like snow,
but like the petals that they are,
luminous in their pale pink.

I've heard a bird sing
and I noticed it as if
I had never heard a bird sing before,
awake and excited,
the both of us.

I've watched the daffodils
announce themselves and the season,
gleaming gold,
then fading over the weeks
to ochre,

I've seen the tulips begin to appear,
their rainbow shades
as bright on days when
the shadowy sky hovers,
rich with rain,
as on days of sun.

I am getting married
a month.


(I've felt no desire to share
my wedding planning here,
and that planning
has fairly consumed me
these past several months.
It has been an enjoyable
and inspiring
much more so
than I ever imagined it would be,
to be honest.)

And as I run my paths,
and watch and listen,
and note the changes,
and marvel at the Spring,
unfurling each day,
I think about how
we will be marrying
at the height of this season
of blooms,
and growth,
and life.


  1. What a beautiful poem, in picture and in words, to anticipate your marriage. Wishing you the loveliest of wedding days... And greedily glad to see you back here:)

  2. Oh i'm so happy wedding planning has been going well for you! I hope we get to one day see a little peek of your big day!

  3. It's so wonderful to see your words and read of Spring through your eyes. Congratulations on your upcoming special day!

  4. Beautiful blooms! Love your way with words. And congratulations on your soon-to-be wedding!

  5. So nice to see you here again folkloric and a heartfelt congratulation on your upcoming union with your beloved. Yes, a wonderful time of year to be alive and in love. Arched tunnels of cherry blossoms, heaven!!

  6. It warms my heart on this cool Autumn morning from my seaside cottage in Australia to see that you are back here in the blogosphere. I can imagine the beautiful trees and bird song that you encounter during your run. Thank you for posting such a beautiful story from your day.

    Bella xx