September 17, 2013

This time is bittersweet.
My heart is tender,
a ripely swollen peach
that ruptures
at the slightest touch.

I mourn,
even as I celebrate.
The days of Summer's bright expansion
and frenzied relaxation
give way to the gleam of Autumn's gold,
and harvesttime
on the horizon.

The change in the light
is apparent to anyone who really looks.


I've been so behind,
but I still have quite a few
summer photos to share!
Coming soon...


  1. That first picture is heart-achingly beautiful... just in the way you describe, about this time of year. I'm right there with you. Will luxuriate in the rest of your pictures, as they come.

  2. Guess I was so smitten with the first, I didn't pay attention to the second till now. And gosh... I do love that one too.

  3. I love these words. It explains summer to fall perfectly. The light shows all of each season.