October 16, 2013

I shot these photos
almost exactly one month ago
on a fluke 90 degree day (!) in September.
I was having trouble
coming to terms
with Summer's end--
all the inevitable
"But we only did ____ once this summer!"
"We never got to ____ while we had the chance!"
My husband was out of town,
and I was feeling a little sorry for myself.

After work, I decided to turn a sweaty bus-ride
up to the dahlia garden
into an adventure.

How can anyone feel any kind of Summertime lack
when standing in front of these magnificent blooms?

The heat, the sunshine, the flowers--
it was the most spectacular finale to the season,
and helped me make peace
with Summer's bow
from center stage.
It was such a gift.



  1. What a perfect was to bid farewell to the season. Beautiful.

  2. stunning photos! your sentiments are mine each and every day, as time moves into warp speed once children come into the picture :)