July 16, 2014

To quote the great Calvin:
"The days are just packed."

That's the best way
to sum up
the last month or so!

Summer always kicks into
such a high gear here.
The season can be so fleeting,
and the urge to make good use
of every glorious second of it
to the fullest extent
can feel like a kind of pressure.

Milla's post about this seasonal struggle
really resonated with me.
It's something that I work with
every summer,
to varying degrees of success:
remembering gratitude,
holding on to the joy,
shaking free from guilt.

I've been doing a lot of painting,
working on commissions for a handful of folks,
and a few gifts for others.
These floral letters were a sweet commission
by a mother,
of her two boys' initials.
Such a fun project!


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