February 4, 2015

I have been exploring our new neighborhood
on foot,
which is my favorite way
to come to know
a place.

Roaming up the hill and down,
I have found new pathways,
new rambles.
One route in particular,
has already become
my "everyday" walk.
It is the perfect length and rhythm
for that time
in the afternoon
when I simply must
go outside.

I am almost overcome with excitement
to watch how this walk changes
with the seasons.
It is like getting to know
a new friend,
who has only had the chance,
so far,
to show you part of herself.


  1. I'm glad to come back to this space and still find new content! I've always loves your art and photographs!

  2. Lovely. Your photos are intimate and magical, drawing me in to the dark green space, making me want to go walking there too.