March 17, 2016

March has certainly swept in like a lion
here in the Pacific Northwest!

Dark skies, wind storms, torrential rain--
we have had it all so far.
Throughout the wild weather, however
Spring's beauty has continued to appear.
Clouds of cherry blossoms
have turned the view out our upstairs windows
into a soft-focus haze of pink.
Flowering quince has started to pop,
vibrant and saturated,
and we saw some downy pussywillows
while out on a recent hike.
Forsythia gleams along the roadside
as brightly as the (lately absent) sun.

I painted this recent piece
to honor the sprigs and blooms and hopeful bits of new growth
in the face of the darkness.

A print of my Blossom Bouquet
is now available in my shop!

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