September 7, 2009

Labor Day + The Brothers Bloom

Hope everyone had a nice weekend, and that those in the US enjoyed their extra long one! I know I certainly did--I explored the farmers market in my new neighborhood for the first time (verdict: lovely!), got some much needed rest, marveled at how Summer in Seattle turned to Autumn almost overnight, enjoyed the first fire in the fireplace of the season with my boy, and finally got around to watching The Brothers Bloom.
While it wasn't quite as good as I hoped it would be (I did have ridiculously high expectations, given how hilarious the trailer looked) it was still very good and a lot of fun. Bird-Face (as I affectionately call the adorable Adrien Brody) was fantastic, and the whole film had the same quirky-but-sensitive feel that most of Wes Anderson's films have. And, seriously: how great do these two look together?

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