September 11, 2009


Plant Pets
Plant Pets II
So I think it all started with a friend giving us two sad looking cacti about 2 years ago. "You'll take better care of them than I will," he said, so we brought them home and put them in front of the window. Then the boy bought an Aeonium on a whim because he admired the elegant symmetry of it's leaves. He pored over the new little plant and it was almost like watching someone look after their pet, so for a birthday present I got him a gift certificate to an online succulent shop and he picked out about 6 more. Then I bought a couple at a garden shop because I liked the purple hue of their delicate leaves. We received a particularly strange one as a present from a friend, and then collected a few more on a road trip to California. Eventually, some of them got big enough that we made cuttings and planted them on their own. All of the plants are kind of strange looking, and since we've accumulated so many, we have them perched on surfaces all over the apartment.

Essentially, we have become a crazy plant couple.

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  1. How pretty!!! I am a succulent lover also!!!
    It is good to be a crazy plant person!!!