October 1, 2009

Barbara Kalhor

Barbara Kalhor - Hazelwood Trail
Barbara Kalhor - Passing Time
Barbara Kalhor - Lost Songs
You know how people talk about the one teacher that inspired them/changed their lives/made them who they are today? My teacher like that was my high school photography teacher Barbara Kalhor. She was the one who first taught me how amazing working with my SLR and in the darkroom could be. She was the one who validated my dreams of being an artist in a school where I was surrounded by people telling me that that was a silly, impractical career. She was the teacher who made coming to high school every day seem worthwhile. Not only was she that teacher for me, I had immense respect for her as an artist. Her hand-printed, hand-toned, hand-colored photographs are beyond gorgeous, and she's recently started doing some mixed-media/collage peices that look fantastic as well. While I have a summery print of her work hanging in my apartment, I thought these gloriously Autumnal pieces were perfect for October 1st.

Thanks, Ms. K.

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