October 30, 2009

Lisbeth Zwerger

Lisbeth Zwerger - There Was Music & Singing
Lisbeth Zwerger - Mad Hatter's Table
Lisbeth Zwerger - Mermaids Rose from the Sea
I first discovered the art of Lisbeth Zwerger when I came across the book of Swan Lake that she illustrated (Swan Lake being my all-time favorite ballet). Since then I've been hooked. The construction of Zwerger's compositions for her numerous childrens books is what I love the best--her scenes always seem to be drawn from strange viewpoints (either above the scene of action or below it), with unusual perspectives and looming shapes often taking up large parts of the picture frame.
If I had an extra $500 laying around, I'd buy one of her prints here in a second. I've had my eye on this book of some of her collected work, so maybe I'll settle for that instead.


  1. i love lisbeth zwerger's work.. and her name (it's pretty cool, right?)

  2. Oh I have never heard of this artist before but this bottom picture has me longing to see more of her work, thank you so much for including the links and the images!