March 1, 2010

Weekend Pairing - "Have One On Me" as Soundtrack

-Stayed up way too late finishing this book--then put his latest on hold at the library. I couldn't put it down! What have you been reading lately?
-Had my first Molly Moon's and Farmer's Market visit since last year--it's still a bit early for the market, unfortunately, but it was nice to get a taste of what's to come.
-Discovered that the opposite of fun = learning to drive a stick shift. I fail to see why all cars can't just be automatics.


  1. It took me forever to fully master driving a stick shift... but now I love it - as long as I stay away from hills & city driving. But cruising around in a more rural area.. or on the highway, I almost prefer it.

  2. But Seattle is full of hills! I think it's going to take me forever too.
    I don't understand why my boyfriend doesn't just want to chauffeur me around forever. :P