February 17, 2011


Building A Winter Garden

"Experience starts the moment you start to like gardening. You can’t do it right the first time. You can’t even do it right in a few years. You always see the next step you have to do. Start simply, putting good combinations of plants together, and work from there. You have to go through all the steps. You cannot skip any lessons. That is honest. It’s hard work. But you get something back, that’s the good thing. It’s like raising children. You try to do your best."


  1. wow, this is pretty timely. I was just thinking yesterday about my plan for my garden this year. Last year was my first year and I pretty much failed. I had such high hopes that I'm a little down, maybe thinking I'm not cut out for it. Reading this helps me feel positive about starting all over again, I should always try. Maybe it will click this year.

  2. so pretty and such pretty pictures! i am wishing for a cat for so many weeks, that every picture with a cat makes my heart beat faster!! :) beautiful quote! take care! twiggs

  3. I think this can be applied to pretty much everything in life...lovely words, thank you