February 16, 2011

Oak Ivy and blooming Jasmine.

I've been finishing up
a granny-square blanket,
crocheting curled on the sofa
next to the Jasmine,
and every time I catch a bit of it's scent
it takes me by surprise.


Sam Amdion - Pretty Fair Damsel


  1. jasmine inside is a really good idea. thank you.

  2. wow. this is a really beautiful post.

  3. Sounds lovely. Here, my jasmine has maybe got some cold air by the window, but it sure has a brittle scent of summer. And hot cups of tea. There were days I drank almost only green jasmine tea.

  4. so so beautiful. i need to revive my plants. you'd think they'd be better in hawaii -

    i love your layout, by the way.
    wish i could get my hands on one like this.

  5. The Jasmine plant is beautiful. I'm curious to see your finished blanket.