March 25, 2011


Found out that the puppy I convinced my parents to adopt in 5th grade is very ill.
He is 14 now.

It breaks my heart to think
of how we bring
these dear creatures
(supremely loved)
into our lives
all the while knowing
that it is quite likely
that they will be gone
before us
and that after a time
with them
we will
(need to learn to)
say goodbye.


  1. That must be very difficult, I'm very sorry for you.

  2. so sorry! I think about this all the time since we adopted our pup when she was 11. Now she's 12 and it breaks my heart every time I think that my time with her will be shorter than I wish. I knew that when we got her, and I don't know what I'll do when that day comes. I just hope to give her the best we can.

  3. i'm very sorry to hear that...and although i've really wanted a cat or a dog, it too is always on the back of my mind that one day, during my life time, they'll be gone.

  4. Those yellow flowers where my grandmother' favorite ones. :)

    Lovely pictures.

  5. new favorite blog.
    love love love it!
    lovely pictures.


  6. "supremely loved". that is so perfectly put.

    i am really sorry to hear about your family dog. we are battling lymphoma (cancer) with my Ransom right now and i struggle greatly with what is ultimately to come. he is my rock, my best friend :)

  7. Thank you guys--it means a lot. Good health wishes all around to Kitchu and Kenzie, dealing similar issues...

  8. beautiful words. i'm so sorry to hear about your dear canine friend. stay strong.