March 2, 2011

New sketches.


I was thinking today
about how I make choices
the materials I choose to use.
Dark ranges of trees,
a cliff side,
the river I hike along:
I reach for my camera first.
I feel almost no pull at all
to translate these scenes to paint
or to sketch them down on paper.
In fact,
painting landscapes does not interest me at all.
They are,
the first thing I seek out
when I am behind the lens.
Domestic moments,
the angles and patterns around my home,
the way blocks of color arrange themselves:
these things are usually
scribbled down
and later worked in oils
(though I photograph them too).
I often make these decisions
so it is interesting
to pause and examine
what I am doing
when I begin new work.

Do you have this experience?


  1. I love that photography, unlike charcoal or pen or oil or acrylic, makes me notice the smallest angles and what i would've thought before was mundane... it has given me a great appreciation for the tiniest moments

  2. I'm very intrigued by process, both my own and the process others go through while creating their work. Just when I feel I've figured something out, a pattern in my behavior, I find a variation and realize how much remains an intuitive mystery.

  3. I haven't noticed, but I'm also kind of new at taking photographs and drawing/sketching/painting etc. It will be interesting to see what happens.

    I love your sketches.