April 14, 2011

I just finished re-reading The Secret Garden,
and I've finally found an edition that I like.

I'm quite particular about the illustrations,
and I trawled several bookstores to find the right ones.
This version by Inga Moore
is even better than what I thought to look for--
the early scenes
of the dormant garden
are my favorite.

It may be "a children's book"
but it's the perfect one to read in the Springtime:

"'Eh!' he said, and as he crumpled the rich black soil she saw he was sniffing up the scent of it, 'there doesn't seem to be no need for no one to be contrary when there's flowers an' such like, an' such lot's o' friendly wild things runnin' about makin' homes for themselves, or buildin' nests an' singin' an' whistling, does there?'
Mary, kneeling by him holding the seeds, looked at him and stopped frowning."


  1. Beautiful illustration and wonderful quote selection.

  2. What a great find for The Secret Garden!

  3. What an enchanting tale that was. I was always fond of, if not smitten, Dickon Sowerby. Hope spring is bringing you lots of joy.

  4. gorgeous illustrations - i was just thinking about the secret garden the other day but i do not have my own copy. this looks like a version worth checking out.

  5. oh, the secret garden is where my imagination so often lives. these illustrations are magic.

  6. Nicomi: I think I had a bit of a crush on Dickon when I first read 'The Secret Garden' myself...who wouldn't love an earthy Yorkshire lad like him?

  7. Oh I love The Secret Garden ... and what a beautifully illustrated edition that is.

    I must go back and read it again soon.

  8. I saw a movie of the secret garden when I was a child. It was highly fascinating for me! I always wished to have a secret garden, too :)

  9. I loved The Secret Garden. The artwork in the book I read as a child was so beautiful I would just stare and daydream.