April 7, 2011

We were gifted this beautiful planter the other day.
For its health
I've since moved it outside,
but while it was indoors
it sat near the window
next to the ghosts
of last year's summer tomatoes.

I'm torn--
should I buy tomato starts again?
The only space I have to grow them
doesn't get enough light
so they tangled into
a man-sized wildness on our balcony,
growing up and up and up,
seeking out the sun.
A tomato forest
right outside your front door
can be quite appealing
in a funny way,
but perhaps it's also a little ridiculous?


  1. these photos are so delicate and the colors are stunning.

    and i don't think there is anything ridiculous about a tomato forest, not even outside your front door. :)

  2. Not ridiculous in the least, it sound like a brilliant idea for tomatoes!

  3. Thank you for these photos, they are very beautiful.

  4. Did a few nice tomatoes grow in your forest? If so, I'd go for it.

  5. i vote for a tomato forest.

    i love your planter.

  6. these flowers look great! beautiful photos.