September 26, 2011

Back here, again.
We call it our "backyard beach"
(even though
it's a 5 hour drive to get there)
we have visited this place
every year
since I was a baby
and a summer would feel
preposterously incomplete
without our trip there.

While the photos on Folkloric
may not show it,
it has been a stressful few months
and this trip
felt almost medicinal.



  1. These are gorgeous... worth the 5 hour drive! How nice to have a place like that to always visit.

  2. that sky is magical. what a beautiful place. i am sorry to read these last months have been stressful for you. i am glad you found time (and space) to relax and heal from that stress.

    good wishes for the week ahead.

  3. I love your photos! I hope you find the time this Fall to rejuvenate in nature, and I look forward to your photos.

  4. looks very medicinal - hope it helped soothe some of the stress, as a balm for the soul. i always feel better after a trip to the shore, long or short.

  5. These pictures are everything I miss about home right now. I can smell that beach grass, the white everlasting, the beach peas. Aaaah. Home. Why are you so far away.

  6. I have a "backyard beach" too. My grandparents had a beach house that we'd visit for a week or two every week until it was sold in 2005. I still visit that beach every year because it feels like home. Your photos remind me of it. Glad you had a chance to decompress. :)