September 27, 2011


  1. sometimes it's as though i can't breathe for a moment or my throat goes all tight or i just want to stay here, for long moments, not moving...waiting for tears to fall or my heart to burst or...

    your photos have an effect on me. that is saying something. that is REALLY saying something. few places i visit (and i visit many sites) are this evocative. i love that about you. i can just be still here in this space, and let these feelings come over me, whatever they are- most of the time unnameable, and just be.

  2. @ Kitchu: Thank you so! Your words really made me smile--I am so pleased that you can enjoy my blog this way. A great compliment.

  3. that photo of the light through the forest just blows me away. so beautiful!

  4. I love what Kitchu says.
    Your photos are sublime.
    I could almost cry.
    I love your work.