October 31, 2011

By my highly mathematical calculations
I've come to determine
that most people generally seem
to hold Winter to be their least favorite season
and Summer to be their favorite.

It is my hypothesis
that the love of the in-between months
is where one really makes their stand.

Is it the blustery unfurling
of new green,
or the startling flame
of trees topped in amber that you love?
Is it the quivering of barely contained growth
or the gathering in of light
in the face of darkness descending
that makes you feel like you are coming home?

While I came around quite a lot
to the delights of Springtime this year
(in large part because of this book's influence, I now think),
and I know I will be very glad to see it again
come March & April,
if there is a camp for Autumn,
put me in it.



  1. Lovely pictures! I'm one for Spring and Fall as well. The temperatures are much more mild and there's always so much going on in nature!

  2. Fall is definitely my favorite, hands down. I miss these colors down here, though!

  3. I am definitely in the camps of Autumn and Spring. Beautiful photos here.

  4. Your photographs are lovely as always.

  5. that is my camp too.

    why is it that when i find myself in this space, there is so often at the brim of my lashes, tears and a lump in my throat, and a small smile on my face? like i am meeting up with some kindred spirit, and though i know it doesn't have to be YOU in person, directly, but some part of you expressed in this world. what a rare find that is. and it comes through not only in your words, but in your photographs and in your art. my heart sinks and soars at once, like i recognize something in your work. perhaps lost pieces or vestiges of myself. i don't know. i only know that this space is one of my most favorites of all that i visit. it feels sacred here.