October 12, 2011

So busy lately--
too busy to write.
I miss this space,
and the contemplative process
of adding to it,
so hopefully
some time will materialize
along with new photos here

I hope you are all enjoying Autumn!


Other Lives - Tamer Animals
(I saw this band
open for Bon Iver
a few weeks ago,
and they stunned me speechless.
I hope you enjoy this song
as much as I do).



  1. Happy Autumn to you, Maggie! I'm digging the music you've shared.

  2. "the contemplative process of adding to it".... yes. yes!

    i remember once telling someone that photographing (my art) is like a form of prayer or meditation for me. i enter into this whole other world/space, and feel like i am somehow honoring what i capture in time.

    i hope you find your time for it as well, in whatever way that is...