November 3, 2011

I learned to make jam
and how to can my results
late in the summer,
but I have had so much fun
playing with the bounty of fruit
that was still in season.

Some of the jars have been given away with love
and the others are settled comfortably into the cupboard.

I will periodically open the pantry door
to admire
and coo
at the jars
that are glowing like embers,
holding the bright suggestion
and treasured sweetness
of Summertime's fire
even as the flame of that season has dimmed
and the days here have shortened.



  1. I've recently fallen in love with your blog. I admire how simple and beautiful it is. It's a hard thing to find in blogs nowadays. Thank you.

    Lune -

  2. the jars and their labels are probably as sweet as the jam itself :)

  3. I have been meaning to start making my own jams last summer too. I didn't. Instead, I started making my own sorbets.
    It's not so easy to give them away as presents but they make tasty and healthy desserts for dinners with friends.

    I love your jars and the customized labels!

  4. You take jam to a whole new level with your artwork and clever names! I love this.

  5. I love each time I see you have a new post in my reader, it's always simply beautiful! These jams labels are great! Is the one with the harp named after someone special?

  6. those jars do glow like jewels, but it is your labels i truly love! so pretty.

  7. I love what you did to the lids!

  8. I so want the recipe for the peach plum pear jam!