November 9, 2011

We stepped out of the woods
to suddenly find ourselves
in a high, open space
that was ringed around with a fog
so thick
that we could not see the valley floor.

It was getting dark
and we had already decided
to turn back at this point.

By the time we re-entered the trees
the bank had rolled through,
revealing crisply green spires in the clear distance
and leaving no sign
that it had been there
at all.


Song for Jesse - Nick Cave & Warren Ellis



  1. So amazing that you're able to capture that fog! Love the third shot, it's like the forest is about to be taken over.

  2. beautiful pics and greater song.

    i think you've combined two of my main passions in one upload

  3. maggie,
    you are the master of tree photography.

  4. I love these photos they literally took my breath away.

    I wish I lived nearer such stunning surroundings!

    {just came upon your blog and I love are so talented!}

  5. wow these photos are magical! They look like the woods of Lorien where Arwen spends the last of her days..

    staring at your photos forever~

  6. what the FOGGG ;)

    i am updating my inspiration section and your blog is definitely a great add.

    you really inspire me to keep on going with taking pictures.

    x Xaviera