December 12, 2011

Anyone who knows me well
will know how much I go on about
the glorious shades of purple
in the Winter landscape.
On walks in the cold months
I am always exclaiming
over my beloved "winter purple"
as I love finding this rich color
in what can
at first
seem to be
a colorless landscape.

So far this year,
it is an early
"winter red"
that I am seeing everywhere
and I am quite enjoying
this newly recognized addition
to Winter's regal palette.



  1. Wow, looks like you still have much more life there than we do! Great pics as always...

  2. i was just thinking how warm these tones seem for winter, as i sit typing in a cool room on drizzly, chilled, and overcast day :)

    lovely, lovely photos as always.

  3. couldn't agree more. very fitting for you, maggie. lovely shots.