December 15, 2011

As we near
the shortest day
of the year
I think again
on how much I love
celebrating with light:
adorning my home
with glowing brightness
(inside and out)
as the light in the world
reaches its palest point.

It occurs to me
this year
that it's not to combat the darkness
but to turn it
into something
to give it
a quality
like shadowed velvet
that is the necessary contrast
to our December illumination.



  1. Beautiful. I bet it looks just as pretty without the daylight!

  2. i understand what you mean. i love to light up the darkness of these long nights with lots of little twinkling lights and candles, but i don't think it is to deny it, just to warm it up a little, give it a good winter coziness that wouldn't be there if the days were filled with summer light!

  3. Love these photos, and the sentiment of your words too, a beautiful post. It's an interesting way to look at the way we decorate with light in December :) I've been thinking about this a lot myself lately, and admittedly lean more towards the idea of combatting the darkness, but I really like your thoughts, you've a much gentler way to look at it.

  4. "that it's not to combat the darkness
    but to turn it
    into something"

    I like this.

  5. ^add "new" to that last comment. :P

  6. That was so quiet and beautiful.

  7. you say it so perfectly. and then it all makes sense.

  8. Great photos and great words. Thanks :)