June 28, 2012

I've taken to running
in the early evenings
when I get home
to shed the office
from my mind and skin.

I ran by this pink dogwood
day after day,
stopping my jog each time
to stand before it,
stunned and admiring,

after a whole day
of drenching rain
the sun came out
just in time
for my much-needed run.

with the raindrops glinting,
I walked back,
camera now in hand,
to formally greet
this glorious tree,
my favorite running companion.


  1. i can see why - what beautiful blooms. i love dogwoods, but so rarely see pink ones.

  2. there i go again, with your words and these photos- all pink and reminding me of my mother- choked up and wishing my feet would find me again, and a running companion such as this.

    so good, so very good.