June 4, 2012

So enjoying lately:
The light and color here
This novel (a perfect read for Springtime)
Totokaelo's new space (these are now mine!)


  1. love that light shining through the leaves and lush blossoms.

  2. this reminds me so much of the wonderful days we had living in washington; we had flowering cherry trees that looked like these and they were so romantic and lovely. every year, i waited with happy anticipation to see our beautiful trees bloom. thank you for sharing these wonderful photographs. we miss washington and are trying to move back sometime soon, but our granddaughter is here, our first grandchild, so it is hard to leave. you brought back the northwest to me, though.....thank you.

  3. @Debbie Schramer: I am so glad that you enjoyed the photos! The Pacific Northwest is truly a magical, beautiful place.