September 4, 2012

I don't often post the details
of my personal life here,
but I am too overjoyed not to share
that my boyfriend and I
have gotten engaged!

After 6 1/2 years,
we're having a party
and making it official.

We'll be growing the wedding
all this Autumn and Winter,
so it can hopefully bloom
next Spring or Summer
and I am ecstatic


  1. Aw, congratulations! How exciting! It'll be here before you know it, my wedding is already this month – crazy! Have a wonderful time planning together :)

  2. Oh, yea! Maggie, congratulations to you and yours. Wishing you a lifetime of love, hikes, and landscapes together.

  3. Aw, sound wonderful - congrats! Interestingly (or not), my man and I have been together nearly the same amount of time.

  4. Thank you all for the sweet wishes!! We are very excited. :)

  5. SO BRILLIANT! really happy for you both!

  6. you don't know me (i know your blog for i would like to LIVE in it !! so beautiful) but so much happiness ... I can't resist congratulating both of you ! warm wishes across land & sea !

  7. Congratulations to you both!! I'm sure you'll make it so sweet and thoughtful.