September 25, 2012

I truly believe
in the power and beauty of the seasons
and in living completely within in each one
as it takes its place
at center stage.

Because of this attitude,
my blog here
quite cyclical.

I like that, myself--
as a way to reflect on what has changed
and what has stayed the same,
since last Summer's ending,
for example,
or the Autumn beginning of a few years past,
and I hope that you do not mind
the revisiting.

I have quite a few photos to share
in the coming days
from our annual trip
out to the ocean.


  1. Oh, I love the revisiting! This is my way also. Do continue to share in the the style that is so completely yours. Thank you:))

  2. Such lovely autumnal colours and textures. The bark and berries look so pretty. I find there is always something new to discover in a different season and something already known can still be inspiring and astounding. I never get tired of the facettes and beauty of the seasons.

  3. @Sabine: Yes! That is exactly what I was trying to say. :) Thanks, guys.