July 24, 2013

I came up with the idea for these hearts
when I was nearing the end of the planning
for my wedding in May.
Pacific Northwest springtime ephemerals
were my greatest decor inspiration,
and I wanted a special, personal image that reflected this theme
to adorn the hand-sewn books I had created to hold our vows.

I feverishly sketched and painted two copies of my first floral heart design,
and I know that this image on our vow-books
is something that my husband and I will always treasure.

The idea of creating custom hearts for people
that are formed of flowers
that may have equally important meaning to them
as my own original heart design held for me--
I find that endlessly inspiring.


Order a custom heart illustration for your own wedding,
and grow it out of the flowers chosen for the bridal bouquet,
or blossoms that are special to you and your loved one.

Use the Victorian Language of Flowers
to send a message to someone dear:
gardenia for sweet love,
purple heather for protection,
ferns for sincerity.

Or simply create a lovely heart from favorite blooms,
to brighten up your walls even in the dead of winter!


Custom heart illustrations are $135 each,
with your choice of up to 5 types of flowers/foliage to form your wreath out of.
Each heart will be completely original and unique to you.

For more information, please visit my Etsy shop!



  1. I knew this would be something gorgeous, unique and incredibly special... and these hearts exceed all those! Beautifully designed and rendered, Maggie. Love them.

  2. Thank you, Tilley! Coming from a wonderful artist such as yourself, your words mean so much! :)

  3. The level of detail is part of what makes these so beautiful. They are absolutely lovely.