July 22, 2013

While it was stressful at times,
the thing that ultimately struck me so clearly
about the months that I spent planning my wedding
was how inspired I felt!

As a cubicle dweller with a fine arts degree,
it is easy for me to forget
how vital and essential art making is
to my day-to-day well-being and happiness.
Over the years, I've found many different ways
to incorporate creativity into my life,
but often my first artistic love of drawing and painting
gets put on the shelf for a different day, another time.

But painting away
on designs for invitations, decorations, and other paper details for my wedding
reminded me how good it feels to consistently illustrate
for a project that I am passionate about.

Now that the wedding is over
(passed in a lovely, springtime dream!),
I've been brainstorming ideas for ways to foster that feeling
of inspiration that sustained me so.

Which is why I am excited
to share something soon
that will hopefully help spur me on
to do just that--
follow what I love.



  1. well i, for one, can't wait to hear what it is:)

  2. a very belated congratulations on your wedding, and very, very happy for you for such wonderful life changes!