February 1, 2010


photo by 11nightmares

+ I know this is D&G from 2008, but these dresses and photos just make me swoon. They seem like this campaign's Romantic older sister.

+ As a new, first-time cat owner, I found this feline fact sheet both hilarious and informative.

+ Sandra's latest crocheting projects make me feel guilty about my neglected, been-working-on-it-for-3-years-now granny square blanket.

+ It will be a while before I pursue an MFA (if ever, really), but how awesome would it be to go to this school in The Burren?

+ A pretty Lunaria Flickr set and some cozy, jealousy-inducing snow photographs by Michelle Arcila (Seattle, why have you let me down on snow this year?!)

Happy February First!

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