February 19, 2010

The Magic of Storytelling

I know I've blogged about the amazing Meg Hunt before, but here I am doing it again because she's got a sweet new project that's just beginning.
The Picture Book Project is, in the words of her website, "an extended love-song to books. Fifteen illustrators will reach out to their favorite books and create wonderful pieces of art in response to the text that has moved them, shaped them, or excited them. From sci-fi to children’s books to fantasy to serious novels, we’ll cover them all. For three weeks out of every month there will be a new illustration every day from one of us along with our thoughts, process, anything we can come up with. Together we will try to excite readers both new and old and capture some of that magic of storytelling."
I can't wait to see what everyone comes up with! I'm especially looking forward to when Kali Ciesemier does Sabriel, one of my favorite books as a kid.
Illustration for Ella Minnow Pea by Lizzy Stewart.

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  1. i'm kind of in love with this post. and lizzie stewart's awesome work. love from edinburgh x