August 31, 2010

Part I

My parents are originally from Philadelphia.
They spent their 2-week honeymoon camping in the Pacific Northwest.
A few years later, they picked up everything and moved across the country to Seattle.
This is one of the main reasons they moved: the Olympic Peninsula.
We've been visiting each year in August for as long as I can remember.
The boy has come along the last few years, too.

This visit to the coast celebrated 31 years of marriage.

Congratulations, Mum & Dad.


  1. Wow 31 years! Thats a long time to put up with another person lol jk. I hope my marriage (whenever that happens!) will last as long!

    BTW I love the style and color of your photos. Did you take a class to learn how or did you teach yourself? I was just wondering because I am an extreme amateur photographer and exceptionally curious. Thanks!

  2. Superb images!!!

    Congratulations to your parents!!!

  3. Yes, this is magical. Did I told you i used to lived inSeattle... many many years ago ???