September 27, 2010

Thanks so much for all the sweet comments about my new studio, guys.
I feel very lucky.

Over the weekend, we went to see Local Natives.
It was amazing, and reminded me: it's time for an Autumn music mix.
I hope there is song on there that makes you smile.
Here's to a happy Monday.

Sienna, Rust, & Iron - Autumn Playlist, 2010
+Woodcact - Tunng
+In Every Direction - Junip
+Calm Down - Psapp
+Elinore With The Golden Hair - Grand Hallway
+Black Eyes - Shearwater
+Parisian Dream - Laura Veirs
+Yes, I'm Cold - Christ Bathgate
+Airplanes - Local Natives
+This Fiction - Adelaide's Cape
+The Best Thing - Doveman


  1. so nice to see that chlorophytum plant in water, I also have one in water.

  2. i saw the local natives too this summer..oh they were so good..have you hear of Villagers..check it will like it

  3. Your photos are beatiful:-).
    I like their softness.

  4. At schorlem├Ądchen: Thanks for the suggestion! I listened to them and you were right indeed, I like them a lot. Discovering new music is the best.

  5. So happy and can't wait to see the fruits of you labor in your new space!

    Best Maggie!