November 23, 2010

Bits of nature, inside & out.

It's my birthday tomorrow, and then Thanksgiving the next day
(they are always tied together for me),
so I will leave you for the week with this mix of music
(all instrumental)
that I find quiet and lovely,
and perfect for afternoons full of industriousness
and preparations,
and projects.
I hope you enjoy,
and I wish a happy holiday (to those in the US),
and a happy week and weekend
to those elsewhere.

Burgundy, Slate, & Umber - November Playlist, 2010
+Intro - XX
+Hei Hei - Fredrik
+Fiona - Mason Daring
+For Every Day You Lost - Brave Timbers
+Across The Black Prairie - Black Prairie
+I Used To Do - Clogs
+What Is Human - Nancy Elizabeth
+Rugla - Amiina
+Junesong - Talkdemonic
+Pilsdon Pen - The Imagined Village


  1. Happy Birthday Maggie! I hope it's a sweet and wonderful day for you. This is a really good mix.

  2. that's a great present:)
    wishing you a wonderful birthday tomorrow!!!

  3. I haven't commented before, but just wanted to say happy early birthday and thanks for sharing such a great playlist - I've been listening to it this morning and it has definitely improved my mood!

  4. Lovely mix! I especially enjoyed the song from Secret of Roan Inish. Makes me want to watch the movie again. :)

    Hope you have a very happy birthday!

  5. Maggie, I wish you a happy birthday with lot's of delicious food and lovely people around you!

  6. Wishing you a happy birthday. I am enjoying reading your blog.

  7. I hope you had a lovely, restful birthday!

    Also, this playlist is doing wonders for my productivity this weekend! So wonderful and calm.

  8. found you through Astrid and am here to stay :) love your site and your photos are really beautiful.

    hope you enjoyed your birthday and thanksgiving!

  9. i'm smitten with your photos. completely.
    (and the playlist has been on repeat, too. so nice to stumble upon you!)