November 22, 2010

This Fall (and I can say this now, as it feels like the switch to Winter has been made with the lightest of snow flurries this weekend) has been a season of walks.
The changing trees were too beautiful to admire from inside,
and the variable weather kept calling me to take advantage of the moment.
We walked through these marshes before
here and here,
(almost exactly a month ago)
on those early Autumn days
when the sky is sharp blue, and the sun crisply shines.
This time it was grey, and dark,
with purple shadows in the depths of every bush.


  1. These images capture fall perfectly! I tend to like a grey fall day better-purple shadows can be so beautiful.

  2. Beautiful! Like the last picture the most! Looks idyllic!

  3. lovely blog. i too love the last photo.