August 31, 2011

Can you believe
August is almost over?
I can't.
It boggles my mind, frankly.

At this time of year,
my skin always feels
a bit tender
as my heart breaks
for the summer that is passing
(and all the ones that have passed before,
remembered golden)
but I,
almost traitorously,
feel the first hints of excitement
for the new season
(possibly my favorite one)
that begins
(just barely begins!)
to enter the scene.



  1. I feel your words. I, too, am starting to feel the season turning.. and while it excites me that new things are on the horizon, I'm also sad to say goodbye to all of the beautiful life around these parts that will be put on hold until Spring.

  2. Beautiful pictures!

    Fall is my favorite season too.

  3. Remembered golden... it's true. This is beautiful.

  4. your words mirror my feelings so well, though truth be told i am never too wary of saying goodbye to the summer. my soul awakens as autumn approaches, like i have been asleep waiting for it.

    this last photo here is so beautiful. like the shadow itself is telling the story you just wrote, about the changing of the seasons. perfect.

  5. What wonderful golden images. I love the atmosphere in them. I know it is sad to say goodbye to Summer with all its long days and wonderful fruits and veggies, but Autumn it is just the best season of the year, with its strong colors of transition and its way of letting us becoming slower and slower to get ready for Winter...

  6. I agree, August ended too soon. However, I'm welcoming September with a smile. :)

  7. These pictures are really great.


  8. your blog is beautiful. a little piece of sunshine for my day. thank you!